January 25, 2021

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Meetings at work

Although most work meetings are meant to help in running the company by highlighting projects and determining progress, often you will find that most people perceive them as unnecessarily time-consuming and irrelevant. This is because the agenda of the meeting is rarely met, and questions are left unanswered.

How to prepare

For you to get more people interested in meetings, you need to ensure that they run seamlessly. The most effective way to do this is to write down the agenda and compile all necessary documents and information required. Also, highlight the relevance for preparation to the attendees in terms of question and reports.

What to bring 

If your team is giving feedback on an ongoing project or a prospective one, you need to ensure that the proper papers are not only accessible in the meeting, but also that they are legible and easy to follow. Every participating member should come with a pen and a notebook for relevant information.

How to run them

One of the most significant issues that threaten the effectiveness of a meeting is the lack of regard for time. When writing down the agenda, you need to make a note of how much time the meeting will take. It is also more efficient if you assign specific time-frames for the discussion of each agenda. This way, you know when to move on to the next item. As you do this, account for extended discussions that might yield results. Finally, give a form of guarantee for the actualization of the conclusions made. This helps reinforce the idea of productivity of the meeting.