January 25, 2021

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How to get the promotion

Progression in the world or careers is something that most professionals crave. This means that once you are appointed for a position, you tick off that milestone and work towards the next. It is essential to find the right information on how to get the promotion to avoid being stuck in your current position.

Title and or money

Before you take the first step towards seeking a promotion, you need to define the main factor that drives your process. It could either be for the title or the money that comes with it. Your vision board could include both. This helps you come up with aims and goals that will determine the path you take and establish whether you have achieved your goal and how much further you need to go.

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Prove worth. Show multiple tiers

The position you are in reflects the skills you have. However, when you decide to ask for a promotion, you need to prove that you are the ideal candidate for the position. You can achieve this by;

  1. Researching on the required skill set for the job you are in and the one you want to get.
  2. Invest in improving your skills; this can be done through training at work or enrolling for refresher courses and further education.


The value you offer plays a vital role in getting you a promotion. Therefore, you need to properly document the accomplishments you make and the role you play in attaining the company goals. Compile a list of skills that are valuable for the promotion and present your achievements.