January 25, 2021

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TURIN, ITALY - SEPTEMBER 12: Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates the launch of new CR7 Play It Cool with friends and family on September 12, 2019 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Handout/CR7 Play It Cool via Getty Images )

Channing Tatum

American actor, producer and model Channing Tatum is also famous for its luxurious torso. He began his acting career as a Channing in the clubhouse. Later re-qualified in the model and filmed for such well-known customers as Armani and Pepsi. Having tasted all the charms of fame, Channing quickly realized that, having good external data and dedication, you can achieve a lot. He is known to the general public thanks to the film “Step Forward”. But Tatum is especially good in the movie “Super Mike”, where in the company of Matthew McConaughey the guy plays a stripper. Previously, the actor has repeatedly stated that he would like to make a film about his own experience of working in a male striptease. By the way, film critics have already dubbed this picture “a model of male beauty with a heart and muscles.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

TURIN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 12: Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates the launch of new CR7 Play It Cool with friends and family on September 12, 2019 in Turin, Italy. (Photo by Handout/CR7 Play It Cool via Getty Images )

Men know Cristiano Ronaldo as a first-class football player, women can not pass by his erotic photoshoots for fashion brands. Torso Ronaldo is rightfully considered one of the most sexual. Experienced hands of photographers have long turned Cristiano into a real sex symbol of our time. His millionths he earns not only by running around the field and driving the ball into the goal, but also shooting in advertising. And does not disdain Ronaldo, nor advertising shampoo, nor motor oil.

Kellan Lutz

Actor of the Twilight Saga Kellan Lutz has repeatedly held the leading positions in men’s ratings. According to Man’s Health magazine, Kellan’s torso is considered one of the most attractive. His ideal body with cubes of the press is driving many girls mad. The actor himself admits that he realized for the first time that he was being attracted to the attention of the girl at school.

“In Arizona, where I grew up, you would never see someone without a shirt in school, but when I took it off, all the girls just froze with admiration:” Oh, look at your cubes! “- the actor tells in an interview Since then, the guy has taken an active lifestyle and prefers to keep his body in tone.

David Beckham

Footballer, a large father and secular lion David Beckham in his 37 boldly competes with many. And I must say, in the struggle for advertising contracts with brands such as Armani and H&M, he can not fight. Thanks to his excellent physical form, David is always on the list at number one. Even in advertising your own

David Beckham starred nude in the advertising of his perfume “David Beckham” the footballer was filmed almost naked. He also became the first man to appear for the cover of the women’s magazine Elle UK, timed to the Summer Olympic Games in London. It’s hard to imagine how Victoria Beckham is difficult to remain calm when so many fans are spinning around her husband.

Taylor Lautner

The torso of Twilight Saga star Taylor Lautner makes languid sigh hundreds of female fans. But such an excellent physical form Taylor is obliged to the martial arts, which he enjoys since childhood. Especially for the movie “Twilight” Lautner had to work hard on his body and build muscle. In this he was helped by intensive training in simulators, swimming and a special diet. As a result, Lautner became not just one of the main stars of the saga, but also a real sex symbol.

Ryan Reynolds

Handsome Ryan Reynolds was repeatedly recognized as the owner of the most beautiful torso in Hollywood. However, if it were not for shooting in the movie “Blade: Trinity”, for which the actor had to work hard to make his body look so attractive, perhaps we would not have written about him. Since then, Ryan constantly trains, as he can not afford to disappoint fans.

Daniel Craig

Tors Craig is very fond of girls, and all thanks to an episode in Casino Royale, when Daniel comes out of the water in blue swimming trunks. “In short, in one of the interviews, the actor admitted that he hates those very trunks and will never wear them again. Although they are sure that many fans will be upset, because Daniel is luxurious in such clothes.